Toy Parts stock a very large range of toy making supplies.

  • Angel Wings in 2 sizes, these work well with our Star beads to make Angel’s for your Xmas Tree, you can add them to Thumbelina Dolls to make little Angel’s

  • Cane Wedding Baskets. The fancy baskets are made from finely woven cane and are suitable for holding sweets, dried flowers and Easter eggs etc.

  • Dolls Thumbelina Dolls Standing, these make great little angels or little dolls for little girls to dress and play with.

  • Faces When you have trouble painting faces use these, we have iron-on and appliqué iron-on, we also have 2 creative faces that can be placed in place and the doll built around it by adding hair and the rest of the doll.

  • Hair We have many types of hair to give your dolls, puppets, etc, extra dimension and personality.

  • Hats Place a hat on your doll to give it added personality.

  • Plastic Bear Pellets 1kg per bag, they are HDPE High Density Polyethylene. These pellets are food contactable and are used for making children's toys and food containers.(They are non-toxic and safe to chew).

  • Squeakers Use these to add noise to your toys.

  • Toy Stuffing for your fibre fill needs.(See Toy Stuffing)

  • New Craft Supplies For October - Toy Parts

    Straw Hat 5in, each
    Straw Hat Brim to Brim 5" (12.5cm), Inside Head 2.5" (6.5cm)...

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    Mini Curl Hair; Winter White
    It’s fun and easy to apply. Anyone can do it!. Makes beautiful , natural looking doll hair, beards, moustaches, animal fur, manes and tails; Halloween and Christmas decoration, etc. * Soft and Fluf...

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    Cane Hat Set of 6, per set
    Brim to Brim / Inside Head. 2" (5cm) / 1" (2.5cm), 2.75" (7cm) / 1.25" (3cm), 4" (10cm) / 1.5" (4cm, 5" (13cm) / 1.75" (4.5cm), 5.25" (13.5cm) / 2.25" (6cm), 6.25" (16cm) / 2.5" (6.5cm)....

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    Stringlets Auburn
    Sold in 1-yard lengths. Unravel and fluff for an “Old-Fashioned” Look!. 100% Twisted Cotton StringsEasy to use This is an exciting doll hair made from 100% cotton string. Stringlets are yarn l...

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    Straw Hat 6in, each
    Straw Hat Brim to Brim 6" (15cm), Inside Head 3.25" (8.5cm)....

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    Toy Squeaker Cube Large price per each
    Sounds like a duck, price is per each Squeaker with a Min of 2 Squeakers...

    Go Craft Product

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