J.W. Etc. Products

J.W. Etc. is proud to offer the highest quality environmentally friendly products.

For more than twenty years this high quality has been maintained by our family of dedicatied employees. J.W. Etc is the industry standard when it comes to safe quality products for the craftsman, contractor, artist and home decorator.

Right-Step is an acrylic, non-toxic, brush-on water-based varnish that dries clear to the touch in 15 minutes. Right-Step is available in matte formulas. Dried finish is odorless - doesn't yellow or streak! Originally developed for a decoupage finish, Right-Step's unique characteristics have made it popular for multiple uses within the arts and crafts field, as well as furniture refinishing and home decorating.

It is ideal for the tole and decorative painter, use it on ceramics, tile, plaster of paris, cardboard, paper, woods, furniture and most fabrics!

Right-Step may be applied over oil paints and stains with good adhesion.

It wet sands like a true varnish and may be easily finished to achieve decoupage-like results.

Right-Step will NOT BECOME TACKY or sticky when exposed to a high level of humidity! The "high-solid" content produces a tough, protective coat over any object to which it is applied.

Product Image Item Name- Price
8 oz J.W. etc's First Step Wood Seal

8 oz J.W. etc's First Step Wood Seal

Quick drying, low odour, easy clean up, non-toxic. A multi-purpose wood sealer that cleans up with water and is non-toxic. Applied with sponge or...


8oz J.W. etc's White Lightning

8oz J.W. etc's White Lightning

A terrific white sealer that can be tinted with colour if necessary. Great for achieving the highly sought after pickled white wash effect.


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