Pearls Fused on Roll

Fused pearl beading is a continuous string of pearls. When cut the pearls do not fall apart. Fused pearls are extremely versatile, come in beautiful soft colors and can be glued to decorate a project.
< They can be used in jewellery designs, to create Bridal Loops and Floral Sprays, glued to foam balls to in continuous rounds to cover a ball, cone etc.

New Craft Supplies For July - Pearls Strung : Fused

Czech Strung Pearls Vertical 6/4mm Cream (12 strings)
(12 strings 960 pearls)...

Go Craft Product

Czech Strung Pearls Vertical 9/6mm Cream (12 strings)
(12 strings 600 pearls)...

Go Craft Product

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