Toy Noses stock a very large range of toy making supplies.

Our Toy Eyes and Noses are premium Japanese Quality which have a metal backing so are strong and won't come off once set in place.

On offer is a good range of noses for bears, dogs, rabbits & koalas.
We also have a huge range of premium Japanese quality crystal, comical, frog, & cats eyes

We stock both stick-on and sew-on Joggle eyes in a range of shapes and sizes ideal for toy making.

We have huge selection designed for a range of different animal types.

As well as a great quality toy stuffing.

New Craft Supplies For December - Toy Noses

04.5mm D-Nose Black 17p
17 X 4.5mm D-Noses in Black with metal washers...

Go Craft Product

04.5mm D-Nose Black 18p
18 x 04.5mm D-Noses in Blak with metal washers...

Go Craft Product

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