Cross Stitch Designer Baby Bibs


Cross Stitch Designer Baby Bibs by Sam Hawkins. Published by American School of Needlework. ISBN 0-88195-471-3. Pages: 17

A beautiful new collection of baby bib cross stitch designs! This book includes 21 cross stitch designs, ranging from baby ducklings to light-hearted balloons, all of which make wonderful and unique gifts. There is simply no better way to pamper your little one.

Featuring: General Directions, Snips and Snails, Bunny Quartet, Clown With Balloons, Little Tax Exemption, Baby Baby Baby, Teddies and Hearts, Love, One Two Three, Toy Train, Mom's Little Boy, Dad's Little Girl, Sugar and Spice, My Grandma Loves Me, Babies Hearts and Ducks, Teddy Bear and Jack, Baby Duckies, Duck Wheelies, Ice Cream Cones, Elephant Antics, Dancing Dolls, Alphabet..

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