Back to Basics


Back to Basics by Maureen McNaughton. Published by B & B Publishing. ISBN . Pages: 52

"Back to Basics" helps makes folk art stroke work easy, with expert tuition in many different brushstrokes. Maureen McNaughton hopes that this book will help solve the mystery behind beautiful brush strokes, bringing strokes as varied as a basic contour stroke or a hatpin stroke together.

Featuring: List of Materials, Brushes, Brush care, Surface preparation, Finishing, Multiple Colour Loading, The Contour Stroke, Stenciled Berries, The Comma Stroke, The Pointed Comma Stroke, The Hatpin Stroke, The Teardrop Stroke, Unusual but Fun Strokes, Wheat, Pussy Willows, Flower Cluster, Geometric Flower, Cotton Swab Roses, Round Flowers and Tulips, Border on left corner, Border on right corner, Shaders and Flats, Turban flower border, Creating an illusion with colour, Techniques to shade and highlight, Colour comparison chart, Pink roses on the country bench, Carousel horse, Geraniums, Christmas fairy plate, Rebecca and friends..

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