Rubber Wood Graining Tool


Wood Graining Tool, Heart Grainer or Rocker as it is sometimes known.

Use this rubber tool to draw through a paint and medium mixture to create a realistic grained effect on otherwise plain surfaces. May also be used to create watered silk effects.

Prepare and base coat piece in desired Jo Sonja Colour and allow to dry.

  • Select Jo Sonja colour for 'grain'. Mix this with Jo Sonja's Kleister Medium in an approximate ratio of one part paint to three parts Kleister. (For longer working time you may wish to add a little Retarder Medium).
  • Apply Kleister paint 'mix' evenly across the piece. Working before the Kleister mix dries, draw the graining tool down to create a wood grain effect. The amount of times you 'pivot' the tool depends on how many 'knots' you wish to appear.
  • When dry protect with 1 - 3 coats of Jo Sonja's Polyurethane Varnish.

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