More Knitted Outfits for Dolls and Prem Babies

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More Knitted Outfits for Dolls and Prem Babies by Vicki Moodie. Published by Craft Moods. ISBN 1 876373 59 8. Pages: 35

Bunny rug and 4 outfits (matching bootees, bonnet, beanie, cardigan and dress) , plus leggings and panties; all in 8ply yarn to suit 40cm (16") dolls or premature babies. Colour pictures of all designs included.

Featuring: Basic Bootees, Basic Bonnet, Basic Beanie, Basic Panties in garter stitch (blue), Basic Panties in stocking stitch (green), Leggings, Basic Cardigan, Basic Dress, Blue Bonnet, Blue Beanie, Blue Cardigan, Blue Dress, Lemon Bootees, Lemon Bonnet, Lemon Beanie, Lemon Cardigan, Lemon Dress, Pink Bootees, Pink Bonnet, Pink Beanie, Pink Cardigan, Pink Dress, Bunny Rug (on front cover).

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